2016 Dance With Courage


Dance Arts Centre Presents:

Dance with Courage


Over the last 10 years, Dance Arts Centre has teamed up with True Friends, to host our annual Dance With Courage event, raising over $160,000.  We are excited to announce for our 10th Anniversary will be participating in a Dance Marathon.   

True Friends is a non-profit organization focused on the mission of providing life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities.  Dance Arts Centre remains focused on teaching our dancers the important values of working together, leading by example, maintaining deep values of social responsibility and giving back to our community, which make our partnership a perfect match!

Dance with Courage Impact: 


Francis is a 23-year old who enjoys working in Golden Valley, MN. One day a week he hangs out with his PCA and volunteers at Park Nicollet where he serves patients in the clinic their coffee and tea. He loves to do the hospitality cart and is delighted if every now and then he runs in to one of the surgeons. Francis is medically savvy and spends much of his time looking at medical books and copying medical terms on paper or looking up doctors and hospitals on Google.

Francis was born with Down syndrome and has Hirschsprung's and Celiac disease. Over the years he’s had many surgeries and hospitalizations including open heart surgery when he was an infant and having his ear bones removed a few years ago which has made him partially deaf. Throughout these surgeries and hospital visits he has always been a trooper and has never complained.
He loves to see places, play basketball and go horseback riding. In addition to all things medical he is interested in collecting hotel key cards and has seen a few hotels in the cities while flying with his sister who is a pilot. At times his brother takes him out to meet his friends. Francis enjoys bowling and especially likes the True Friends Day Camp where staff, on many occasions, has wrapped him in toilet tissue and paper to support his "broken bones" when playing hospital. Camp Eden Wood has given Francis an opportunity to be more social and interact with peers and staff in a friendly and save atmosphere where he feels at home. Over the years he has formed quite an attachment with many of the staff members.   


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